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How to be the best girl-power athlete: Meet the best girls-power athletes of the year

By KEVIN RODRIGUEZAThe world is a better place because of the work and commitment of women.It is our collective responsibility to make the world a better, safer, fairer place.The best way to accomplish this is to make our daughters more confident in their own abilities.The world needs more women in power and control.That is why, at the beginning of this

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What is the Cruiser Meet Sport?

The cruiser meet has been around for a while now.A series of events where a small group of racers from all over the world gather together in the summer to test their skills and hone their skillsets, but with a new emphasis on the endurance events.It is a way to give back to the community.It has been a big hit

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NFL players protest during anthem

A group of players from around the NFL have come together to protest the national anthem in a show of solidarity with players and the black community.The players will kneel for the anthem at the end of each NFL game Sunday in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.A message posted on Twitter said the players are standing for the first time as

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‘Vacation’ is a must-read

VACATION TIME IS OVER!Now is the time to relax, write down your goals, plan your weekend and look forward to the day when you will be able to enjoy some good old-fashioned sports!Sport meets Background The BBC Sport Meetings app is the ideal place to stay up-to-date on all things sport, including a full calendar of upcoming events.Whether you're just

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