From a royal family of royalty, to royal visits to the United States, to a royal visit to the Middle East, Australians have a vested interest in understanding the impact of a visit to Australia.

But with a royal trip to the US looming, the government is also keen to find out how the visit will impact on the economy.

So far, the ABC has seen the ABC’s own research which found a royal arrival to Australia will have a huge impact on job creation and job growth.

“We are seeing job growth across the country and across the economy and the economy is going to be much more vibrant and the jobs are going to go up and up,” Australian Chamber of Commerce President Nick Taylor said.

“The fact that the president of the United State is visiting Australia is an opportunity for us to be able to showcase the country’s strengths to our international partners and our partners in the United Kingdom and to the rest of the world.”

But the tourism and hospitality industry has also said the visit has had an adverse impact on local businesses.

“This is really a distraction to our local communities,” Tourism Australia CEO Michael Naylor said.

But the government says the visit is an important opportunity for Australians to understand the importance of our relationship with the US.

“For the next eight weeks the US has been a key partner in our relations with Australia, we will have an opportunity to showcase that relationship,” Agriculture Minister Peter Dutton said.

Tourism Minister Scott Morrison says he hopes to see more Australians visit the US soon.

“It is an incredibly important moment in our history, and a historic moment in the history of the relationship between Australia and the United Americans,” he said.

Mr Naylor says he’s also looking forward to seeing the US and the Australian people come together.

“Hopefully we will see more people from the United American community and from the rest, of all communities coming to visit and see the country in all its glory,” he says.

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