The sport meeting of fashion meets fashion.

That’s the message of the fashion designers and designers’ trade group, the International Fashion Association, in an exclusive interview with Politico.

The group has been meeting with representatives of fashion houses from around the world, including H&M, Prada, Burberry, and Victoria’s Secret, to work on a new set of rules that would allow the fashion industry to bring its best practices to the table.

In the past, fashion designers have worked together on new sets of rules to ensure that their products fit the needs of consumers, but the new rules, which would come into effect in January, would allow designers to work together and adopt more uniform standards.

“We’ve been very clear that we want the fashion to be the way it should be, the way we want it to be,” said Rohan Bedi, the president of the trade group.

This would allow us to make sure that we have uniform standards that we are able to follow and enforce, and that the fashion has the integrity and respect of the consumer,” he added.

We have a long history of having standards, we just have a lot of things to work with to ensure the way that the industry is going, and this is the way to go, Bedi said.

With its annual meetings coming up in February, fashion shows are a major event, attracting a lot more attention than they have in the past.

At the beginning of the year, the association launched its Fashion for Fashion event, where designers were invited to work out their designs for a month and submit their work to a fashion show.

Many of the models were chosen to appear on the cover of the magazine Vogue and other magazines and websites.

But there are many more designers participating in the fashion shows than ever before.

Bedi said that the association has seen a “huge increase in demand” for fashion and is looking to expand the number of designers attending.”

As the industry continues to change and develop, there is more pressure on designers to come up with more efficient designs. “

I think this is a great opportunity to bring in more designers and bring in a wider variety of designers.”

As the industry continues to change and develop, there is more pressure on designers to come up with more efficient designs.

The group has launched a new website called the Fashion Revolution to help designers find inspiration.

It’s also launching a new platform called the “Designer Revolution” to showcase the best designers working in the industry and give designers the tools they need to succeed in their new role.

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