D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and President Donald Trump announced a partnership in February to help improve the sports and recreation scene in the nation’s capital.

The two men said Wednesday that the city’s annual Winter Sports and Olympic Games will take up residence in the White House.

They said the two leaders were also looking to expand the Winter Sports Festival in the District.

D.C.’s Winter Sports & Olympic Games (WS&O) is the only major sport in the country that is not a major league, but also doesn’t play on a full-time basis.

They are a two-day, weekend-long event that takes place annually on the first Friday of December, when more than 40,000 athletes, coaches and officials gather at the National Mall to play sports.

A year ago, the event had been moved to the National Park Service, but the mayor’s office announced in March that the sports festival would move to the District in 2019.

The new partnership with the Trump administration is a win-win for all involved, Bowser said.

The sports and community will benefit from the economic benefits of hosting a major event in one of the most vibrant and diverse communities in the world.

It’s also a win for our city, the District and Washington, D.V., because it will bring more tourists and more people into the city and increase the number of events, said Bowser.

The president said the city will have the opportunity to showcase our sport to the world and to attract visitors from around the world, and he also called the move a big step toward building a stronger economy.

He added that he wants to see more of the D.M. sports community involved in the political process.

The event will take over the space of the U.S. Capitol, which is used by Congress and other government entities.

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