A controversial speech delivered by NSW Premier Geoff Reves last week has been criticised for its “Sneak Peek” format.

A video of the speech has been viewed nearly four million times.

Rees, who was elected in September, has since admitted to having the speech altered.

It was not clear what the changes were, but one source told the ABC the speech was not delivered in the style of the Premier.

“The speech was a sneak peek of what we might do next, and it wasn’t delivered the way we might want to do it,” one source said.

The speech had been planned for an event on Saturday but was later postponed due to safety concerns.

In a statement, Premier Rees said he did not know who put the speech together, and he had no control over its delivery.

He said he hoped people understood what he was saying, adding: “We all get that our politics is about our families, our communities and our nation.”

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