A group of players from around the NFL have come together to protest the national anthem in a show of solidarity with players and the black community.

The players will kneel for the anthem at the end of each NFL game Sunday in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

A message posted on Twitter said the players are standing for the first time as a team and are “united in unity.”

“This is about more than just one sport,” the tweet said.

“This movement is about the collective future of the Black community, and that includes all who love this country and are part of the American dream.

We are all united in unity in this fight to bring unity and justice to the country we love.”

The statement came in response to President Donald Trump’s remarks during his inauguration speech about police violence against black men and women.

The president called for a new era of unity.

He said he wants to unite Americans “in a moment of unity and hope and trust and trust in our fellow Americans, who have given us so much and are so worthy of our country.”

A group called the NFL Players Association has been leading the protests.

It said on Twitter that the players were protesting the treatment of African-American men by police officers and the treatment and deaths of Black people in police custody.

“We stand in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters, and we will continue to do so until justice is served,” the statement said.

The league’s owners, owners unions and players union have been pushing for change.

A series of recent protests have been aimed at raising awareness of police brutality and racial disparities in policing.

The NFL, for example, recently held its first-ever All-Star Game in Miami, Fla., with the league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, taking the stage to give a speech.

The team has also recently made efforts to address racial disparities and the lack of racial justice in the criminal justice system.

The protests have also been targeted at the league.

Players and players unions say they’re concerned that Goodell’s proposed $1.5 billion contract for the league, which includes a $20 million donation from the owners, would only benefit the team.

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