The cruiser meet has been around for a while now.

A series of events where a small group of racers from all over the world gather together in the summer to test their skills and hone their skillsets, but with a new emphasis on the endurance events.

It is a way to give back to the community.

It has been a big hit with the racers and they love it, and so does the community, as it shows them that they can compete in these events with all of the other great racing events going on in the country.

And then there are the competitions.

These are also a huge draw, and they are fun to watch, too.

They are a way for racers to test themselves in front of a big crowd, get their feet wet, and get the adrenaline pumping.

And of course, they are a great way to earn bragging rights.

So here’s the deal: The cruiser meets are happening on Friday nights at the following venues: Daytona International Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Atlanta Motor Speedway and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The first is Friday, September 15th, and the last is Saturday, September 16th.

There will be two events: the race at Daytona International will be on the second Friday of the week, and we will be looking at a field of 24 competitors.

This race is going to be held on the track at the Indianapolis Speedway, and it will be a one-hour race, starting at 6:00 p.m.


This is the track that the Daytona 500 was held on.

It will be the first time this year that there is going’t be a second race.

The field is a little bit bigger than usual this year, because this is the first race to be run at a new track, Indy.

The track is going into the NASCAR season.

And so it will have a new layout, and that means we will have some changes to the racing on this track, but it will still be the same race as last year.

So you will see the same field.

And this is where you will find a lot of our racers.

We are going to have some of the top young talent in the world racing in front to a very good field of competitors, and I think you will be able to see some of those athletes from around the world.

And you will also see some familiar faces.

So we are really excited about the event.

We hope to see a lot more of you on this course, and let’s hope you all have fun.

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