SAN ANTONIO — NBA players have been cited for “unprofessional conduct” for their involvement in a series of violent riots that occurred in the early hours of Saturday, league officials said.

In a news conference on Monday, league Commissioner Adam Silver said players were cited for three separate incidents of violence in the streets of downtown San Antonio.

Silver also confirmed that a player was suspended for 15 games and fined $5,000 for his role in one of the incidents.

“These were unacceptable and unsportsmanlike conduct,” Silver said.

“These are not just the actions of a few players.

They are the actions and conduct of a whole group of players.

It is not acceptable.

These are the players who are responsible for creating the conditions for violence.”

The league issued an apology to San Antonio residents and community members, including the owners of the hotels, for the violence and warned of further consequences if such conduct was not corrected.

Silver said the players’ actions were the result of a lack of leadership by the team and were an embarrassment to the league.

He said players involved were disciplined and released without being suspended.

He did not specify how many players were disciplined.

The league announced Monday that former San Antonio Spurs player Markieff Morris and former NBA player and current San Antonio mayor Julian Castro will be named the NBA’s commissioner.

Morris and Castro have been active in the civil rights movement in San Antonio, Silver said, adding that they will serve as “an example to all others.”

Silver said a former player, Kevin Garnett, who is a member of the NBA Hall of Fame, will serve on the league’s board of governors and a former team owner, Billy King, will be a commissioner.

Silver said the league will also launch a task force to examine the role of the African-American community in the NBA.

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