MONDAY, June 9 (UPI) — The NFL and the NFLPA will meet this week to discuss the future of the league and the game, a clipart artist told The Associated Press.

The NFLPA, which has long been at odds with the NFL, announced plans last year to create a new union representing its players, a move that prompted some NFL players to leave.

The union, which was founded by former player Jerry Rice, has a member-elected board, and the league has a separate bargaining team that helps the union negotiate contracts with players.

On Thursday, the league announced it will hold a meeting of the collective bargaining committee of the Players Association, the union representing the league’s 30 teams, on Friday.

The league also plans to announce a new round of players-only meetings.

The two sides have been working on an accord since last year.

The union’s new board will include players who are not on the union’s bargaining team, who will also help negotiate the collective agreement, according to the AP.

The league also announced a new set of “meetings” in a bid to make the game more accessible to players and give them more time to meet with team owners.

The commissioner will be hosting these meetings.

“It is clear that the game has lost some of its luster and lost its place in the hearts and minds of many fans and players,” the NFL said in a statement.

“We need to continue to bring more fans to games, and to do that, we need to make our games accessible and engaging for them.

The new meetings will bring these elements together.”

The NFL and leaguePA also are planning a “meet the makers” video contest that will feature a variety of video creators who can use their skills to create the next generation of game makers.

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