The NBA, which has been embroiled in an escalating spat with the NBA Players Association over its players’ association agreement, is scheduled to begin the regular season in mid-April with a regular-season home game against the Boston Celtics.NBA players are scheduled to meet in Phoenix, Arizona, in the first of three games scheduled between the two organizations in early April.

The league has been struggling to find a way to keep its players from traveling overseas during the NBA season.

The NBA is currently playing in three countries — India, Brazil and China — while the players are traveling overseas for their own personal reasons.

The players’ union is demanding that the league pay the players’ travel expenses, a request that is supported by the NBA.

The NBA has said it is not obligated to pay players travel expenses.NBA commissioner Adam Silver is scheduled on Friday to meet with league executives to discuss the issue.

The league has not said if the league will agree to pay the travel expenses or whether it will ask the players union to step aside.

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