The 2020 NRL season has kicked off and the first game of the series is coming up in Sydney on Friday night.

It’s not just the NRL that has its own Super Rugby league, AFL and cricket competition.

The AFL and the NRL also have their own Super League, Super Rugby, Australian Rules Football and Commonwealth Games.

So it’s not surprising that the AFL has a banner that highlights the sport’s biggest stars, including Hawthorn and West Coast.

But what about the other big leagues?

Why don’t they have their sport’s greatest stars?AFL’s Andrew Swallow is the league’s most decorated player, having won three premierships, four championships and two finals.

In a world where stars are more important than money, the league has chosen not to put their stars on the banner.

It seems a bit odd for the AFL to do this but it has to be done for financial reasons, not because they are embarrassed by their sport.

The biggest star in the league is the reigning premiership winner, Hawthorn, and the only two players on the AFL’s banner are three-time premiership winners, Nick Malceski and Patrick Dangerfield.

The other three stars are former premiers Jack Gunston and Tom Mitchell.

In other words, the AFL is taking the position of a global leader in their game and it is not embarrassed to do so.

The NFL is a global game, but it does not have a World Cup or World Series.

There are other sports where the big stars are less prominent but the AFL does not appear to have a huge problem with its big stars.

It also has an incredible amount of money, with the AFL playing in the top five sports in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

The Australian dollar has increased since last year’s financial crisis, which caused the AFL and NRL to cut their spending.

It has also been a big financial boon for the NRL, with its 2017-18 revenue increasing by $9.3 million.

The NRL is still the world’s most valuable sport, but its revenues have not kept pace with the increase in the price of goods and services, which is partly because of the Super Rugby competition.

In the last three years, the NRL’s revenue has grown by around $5.3 billion, which makes it the third most valuable sports franchise in the market.

The league is also the world leader in attendance at games, which rose by 12.9 per cent last season, according a SportsBusiness Journal report.

The sport’s financial woes also have an impact on the sport and its players.

The 2017-2018 season saw the collapse of the CBA and the introduction of the new $6 million salary cap, which forced players to make significant salary sacrifices.

Players and coaches had to make cuts as the cap became unsustainable, which left many of the sport`s best players unable to continue to play.

The CBA was introduced last season and was meant to be a model for the rest of the world.

But the agreement was soon pulled, leading to an unprecedented lack of funding for players, coaches and the game.

As a result, the number of players on a given roster has grown from around 1,500 last season to over 4,000 in 2019.AAP/ABC

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