A sports meet is a special event that is held for the purpose of improving the sports and recreational opportunities of the community.

The RBI Sports Meet Banner is a sports banner which has been used in the past to commemorate the occasion.

The banner, which is made of white cloth and has been approved by the department, has been adopted by various sporting bodies including the Delhi Sports Association.

Sportsmen from various sports bodies have made use of the banner in the last few years to mark their meetings.

The official announcement by the RBSM on November 30, 2017, announcing the use of this new sports banner was given by Sports Minister Vijay Goel, who has been in charge of the sport ministry.

The department has also been sending the sportsmen a message of support by distributing a new sports medal, which has also a sports theme, to mark the occasion in association with the Delhi Sport Association.

The RBSMs official announcement on the use and adoption of the new sports medals was given on November 23, 2017.

A sportsmen who had been making use of their sports medal on November 22, 2017 to mark a special occasion had said that they would be using the medal to celebrate the occasion of the RabiSports.

However, this was not the case as the sports medal was not used at all.

On November 23 the sports ministry had announced that it would provide sportsmen with new sports badges.

The new sports insignias will be awarded in accordance with the Sports Medal Award Rules 2017, which was issued on October 20.

A Sports Medal is a monetary award to be presented to sportsmen for achievements during their tenure in sports.

A medal, in case of medals awarded to individuals or teams, is usually made of silver, gold or bronze.

The medals have been awarded for achievement in athletics, gymnastics, wrestling, tennis, curling, swimming and boxing.

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