The Cricket World Cricket tournament is set to be played in Australia in October 2018 and this will mark the final series in the format for the next four years.

The 2019 ICC World Cup will be played at the same venue, which is scheduled to host the 2019 World T20.

The format is set by the ICC in consultation with the Twenty20 format and the ICC has agreed to keep the existing Twenty20 schedule for at least the next five years.

In recent months the ICC had agreed to allow the Twenty21 format to continue.

The ICC also agreed to have two Twenty20s played in 2018-19 and 2019-20, as part of the Twenty23 format.

The T20 format has been proposed as a replacement for the Twenty25 format, which has also been agreed.

It is understood that a Twenty20 World Cup, and not a Twenty23 World Cup or T20 World, is a possibility.

However, it is understood a Twenty25 World Cup is not being considered by the board for 2018-2019.

Cricket Australia has been negotiating with ICC for the last two years to try and get the Twenty22 format off the ground.

However the ICC declined to make the T20 game compulsory, saying it was too risky and could be difficult to administer and monitor.

The board also declined to consider the idea of the T10 World Cup being held in Australia and the T15 World Cup in England.

The two T20 competitions, to be held in 2019-2020, are also being negotiated for 2018.

The BCCI has been looking at all options for the 2019-2019 World T15.

However a meeting between Cricket Australia and ICC has not been confirmed.

The discussions have been ongoing and Cricket Australia chairman Tony Fernandes is said to be working on the T19 World Cup.

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