A new survey from the Pew Research Center has found that fans of the NFL’s Super Bowl were a bit less interested in the show’s theme song than those of the NBA’s championship game.

The survey found that only 16% of NFL fans had heard the theme song in the Super Bowl, compared to 31% of NBA fans.

The most popular song during the halftime shows in the two sports was “The Anthem,” which is performed by rapper Big Sean.

The survey also found that the average age of fans attending the game was 25.8 years old, compared with 28.9 years for NBA fans, and 24.9 for NFL fans.

In a separate survey, the Pew Center also found the percentage of fans who were likely to vote for their favorite team increased by 4 percentage points among non-college graduates between 2016 and 2017, from 31% to 36%.

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