It is the perfect time for you to meet the sports heroes of the country.

You can meet the stars of the sports including: cricket, hockey, tennis, football, soccer, golf, tennis and volleyball players, as well as coaches and players.

Read more Sports meet badges are a common and popular form of meeting with sports heroes, but many are also found in many countries.

There are also meet sports badges, badges to be worn by sporting personalities, badges issued by the sporting association, sports meet badges.

Here are some meet sports hero badges for you.1.

India cricket stars: Kumble, Laxman and Srikanth are among the cricket stars of India.

The three are among India’s top six bowlers, who have played more Tests than the entire history of Indian cricket.


Australia cricketers: In the recent Ashes series, Australian captain James Anderson was awarded the “Sporty Award” by the cricket board of Australia.

He is considered to be the most respected cricketer in Australia.


India football players: Indian football players including Indian internationals Shikhar Dhawan and Raman Singh, were named the most outstanding footballers of India by FIFA.


Sri Lanka cricket players: In recent Test series, Sri Lanka batsman Kusal Perera was awarded “Sport and Excellence Award” in the Indian Test series against Australia by FIFA and FIFA’s award committee.


France’s Thierry Henry: The legendary forward was voted “Sportiest Man” by FIFA in 2016, and he is considered one of the top 10 footballers in France.


Australia’s Chris Lynn: The former England international is one of football’s greatest players, and has scored more goals than anyone else in the history of football.


New Zealand’s Richie Benaud: The All Blacks captain is considered as one of cricket’s greatest batsmen and is considered by many to be one of its greatest players.

He won the “International Player of the Year” award in 2017.


Australia captain Michael Clarke: The captain of Australia is regarded as one the greatest captains in the world.


India’s Sachin Tendulkar: The Indian batsman has played a major role in the success of Indian team.

He was voted the “most influential player” by FICA in 2017, and was named the “best captain in the country” by The Times of India in 2018.


Australia bowlers: In addition to the five Test series wins and one World Cup title, Australia also won five World Cups and six Ashes series victories, and won three Ashes series series series victories.


Australia skipper Ricky Ponting: The man who made history as the first Australian to score more than 200 Test runs scored more Test runs than any other batsman.

He also scored more than 150 Test centuries.


Pakistan’s Mushtaq Ahmed: The all-round crickter was voted as one on the list of “best batsmen of Pakistan” by Cricket Weekly magazine in 2017 and is regarded by many as one in the top five batsmen in the game.


India-Pakistan match-day experience: The series between India and Pakistan was played at an average of 5.8 runs per over during the World Cup, and the scoreline was 4-0 in favour of the hosts.


Australia-New Zealand Test series: The two Test series between Australia and New Zealand took place at an averages of 7.7 runs per match, with a scoreline of 9-4 in favour the hosts in the 2019 World Cup.


South Africa’s Pieter-Steph du Toit: The South African captain is regarded to be a key part of the success for South Africa during the history, and in the World Cups as well.


South African cricket captain Pieter Champs: The first South African Test captain has been honoured by FIFA, and FIFA awarded him the “Pieter-Champs Trophy” for his outstanding contribution to the World Cricket and is recognised by many.


India skipper MS Dhoni: Dhoni is considered the greatest crickpper in the Test cricketing history.

He has scored over 200 Test wickets and is one the best bowlers in the sport.


India batting legend Rajiv Gandhi: Gandhi is considered India’s most famous cricket player.

He played a significant role in India’s World Cup success in 2016.


Australia batting legend Glenn McGrath: McGrath is regarded for his contributions to Australia’s cricketing success in the modern era.


India captain Sachin Agarwal: Agarwals success has been recognised by the ICC and has been a major factor in India batting success during the modern times.


India batsman Virat Kohli: Kohli is considered a key

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