Frank Yalla, a long-time player for the NSW team, will be the Blues director of rugby league for the 2019 season.

In a statement, the NSW Rugby League said Mr Yalla would be joining the NSW board of management as its Director of Football.

“Frank’s appointment as the Blues Director of Rugby League will allow him to lead the club’s executive team, provide strategic advice and work closely with the club leadership,” it said.

“He will be responsible for overseeing the club and its operations across the club structure, including the development of a national vision for rugby league in NSW.”

Mr Yalla’s appointment comes after Blues CEO, Paul Little, made a public announcement in October last year announcing that the club had made a commitment to a major investment in its facilities and training facility in Sydney.

The announcement followed a series of key steps the Blues had taken over the past year to ensure that the future of the game in NSW was secure, and that it was able to keep its best players in the NRL for at least the next three seasons.

Mr Little said the Blues would invest $1 billion in the facility and training facilities to ensure they were in the best possible shape for the next two years.

He said the club was “actively pursuing new opportunities to build on our strengths and achieve our objectives”.

Mr Little announced the Blues planned to make significant investments in the club, which he said would see it become the “most competitive team in the country”.

“In our first year, the Blues will be one of the most competitive teams in the competition,” he said.

Read moreThe Blues have won three NSW titles and have been in the top two for the past four years.

Mr Yalli is one of Australia’s greatest players and a founding member of the NSW Super Rugby team.

He retired in 2001 and won an unprecedented six premierships, three NRL premiers and a Super Rugby championship.

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