Jotaros Saito’s new manga, Kiss of the Star Girl, has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award.

The first installment of the 13-volume manga has won a number of awards in Japan, including the Sakusen award, which was given out at this year’s Japan Sci-Fi Awards, which is held each year in October.

Saito, who is the artist of the manga, told Al Jazeera that the award was “very special” for him and his art.

“I think it was a pleasure to receive the Sakuen award,” Saito said.

“I’m so happy that I was nominated.”

“We had to fight against the usual obstacles and obstacles we had to deal with in order to make the work we did possible,” Saitos manga’s editor and translator, Miki Okada, said in a statement.

Saitos first manga, the sixth of the series Kiss of The Spider Woman, was released in 2015 and received critical acclaim.

In the story, a young woman named Alice is sent to an alternate dimension where her family has gone extinct.

Sailor Alice, a princess, and her two companions, a frog and a cat, find themselves trapped in an alternate reality where the human race has vanished.

The new manga is set in a parallel world where the frog is actually an alien and the cat is a vampire.

Saito also wrote the story.

“It was my job to translate and adapt the original manga and to adapt the story into a new manga,” Sato told Al, adding that he hopes to “keep this work in print for as long as I possibly can.”

“It is important for me that I am able to continue to draw this work,” he said.

“Kiss is a story that has touched my heart, and this is something I want to continue for as many people as possible.”

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