From a sport-first perspective, the Olympics have always been about a collective, community effort to make the world a better place.

Now that’s all changed.

The IOC has decided to move the opening ceremony from London to Rio, where the world’s best athletes will compete in a three-day Olympic event that will also include boxing, diving and wrestling.

It will be a major boost for the world of sport and a boost for audiences around the world who will be watching from home.

But will it be the right move?

It depends on the way you look at it.

On one hand, the IOC says it will take a step back in the hope that the event will draw the biggest crowds and will provide a good spectacle.

On the other hand, many of the best athletes in the world will be coming from other countries.

So it’s not a guarantee that they will all be from the UK.

The Olympic Games are a global event, and the Olympics has always been a global sport.

The only way to see the world as a whole, even in the best of times, is to watch the world play.

The IOC wants the Games to be seen as an event for the whole world, and so the timing of the move is not good.

However, this is a step forward in terms of the Olympics, says Ian Bremmer, a sports business analyst.

He says: “It’s not like we have a choice between watching the Games or not.

We have to choose between the Games and the future of sport.”

Ian Bremmers predictions for the Olympics: Who will win?

What’s in store for the sport?

Ian Bemmer, sports analyst and author, says it’s difficult to tell what will happen on the ground, and there are also questions about the impact on the wider sporting world.

But he says it is a good thing the IOC has made the decision to move things forward.

“It is a great moment for the IOC and the sport of Olympic sports,” he says.

“This move will give a great boost to the Olympic Games.”

Ian is also a fan of the London Games and believes the organisers should make the move to Rio in the spirit of the Games.

“The Olympics should move in the same spirit that the London Olympics moved in the last three years,” he said.

“I think the Olympics should be the one event in which the Olympics really should be about the community and not about sport.”

There should be no Olympics in which sport is not important.”BBC Sport: What are the key dates in the Olympics?

We’ve got a schedule of key dates across the calendar that you can watch live and catch up on.

Find out what you need to know ahead of the start of the games.

We’ve rounded up all the key facts and figures for the London games so you can make your own decision on what to watch.

If you’re coming to London, we’ve compiled a guide to everything you need.

If this is your first time, you’ll want to check out our guide to the London Olympic Games.

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