On the eve of the second official girls football team’s graduation from high school, a sports committee meeting has begun in Jerusalem.

The meeting is the first of many that will take place over the coming weeks to discuss the issue of female participation in sports.

In recent years, women’s participation in youth sports has grown rapidly, reaching an estimated 40% in the country and increasing to 60% by 2025.

The debate is far from over, however, with the committee’s decision to delay the graduation of the team’s team captain from the team for six months, while it considers the issue, adding to the concerns of the women’s community.

This is the second time the committee has decided to postpone the graduation.

In March, the committee postponed the graduation for three years after a report from the country’s highest administrative authority recommended that the committee should defer the graduation until 2021.

However, the report was dismissed by the committee, with one of its members, Yael Shafran, stating that it was “a matter of conscience” for the committee to postpone graduation until the country was ready for women’s involvement in sports.

“I don’t think it’s right for us to postpone it until 2021,” Shafrant said at the meeting.

“We are at the stage now where there is a lot of change and people are questioning whether or not we should do it or not.

I think it is important to delay it until we can have a better understanding.”

The committee’s members are the two women who represent the Palestinian sports associations and the two young women who are the team captains, Shafram and Shira.

The three young women are expected to graduate on June 16, 2021.

Their participation in the team is contingent on the completion of their high school courses, which would be held in two separate events.

The two senior female athletes, Aisha Khalil and Yara Abu-Salaam, will graduate on the same day, with their participation contingent on their graduation.

In response to the postponement, a petition on Change.org was created by the Palestinian Women’s Football Association (PWBFA), the parent organization of the girls’ team, to force the committee members to delay their graduation, in the hope that the two would return to their university courses to complete their graduation in time.

The petition, which has been signed by more than 8,000 people, also calls on the committee and the women to discuss ways to “avoid unnecessary delays.”

The petition argues that the team will not be able to complete the graduation ceremony in time, and the postponing would be detrimental to the entire team and the Palestinian football team.

It is also unclear whether the team can participate in any official events during the graduation process.

The WBFA said that the postponements are not a result of the committee not being “proactive enough” or of any “serious issues,” adding that it is also not the team captain’s decision.

The committee members said in a statement that the “issues raised by the petition are legitimate and they are being addressed.”

They said that they will present their case to the committee on June 14.

A spokesperson for the PA Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports told The Jerusalem Report that the decision was taken after consultations with the PWBFA, and that the ministry is “aware of the petition.”

The WBFFA has called on the PA and the ICC to “consider and address” the issue in a meeting in the coming days, and called for the postponaison of the graduation to be postponed until “a new decision is made by the international community.”

Meanwhile, Israeli police have released video of the two girls being pulled from their school buses by security officers.

The video shows the two Palestinian women being pulled out of the buses and handcuffed, before being placed in a police van, while they are led away.

The girls’ mother, who was present during the arrest, spoke with the Associated Press about the incident.

“I saw them handcuffed and taken away by security.

I saw them crying,” she said.

“I was very upset because I thought that they were innocent.

I thought they were going to be released and that they would be released safely.”

An Israeli police spokesperson said that, during the incident, the security forces used pepper spray to subdue the girls.

The spokesperson said the girls are in critical condition.

The Israeli police statement added that the girls have since been released.

The Palestine Football Association, the parent body of the Palestinian girls, condemned the incident and condemned the decision to postpone their graduation.

“We have been very disappointed and angered by the decision by the Palestine Football Federation to postpone girls footballs graduation ceremony for six month and postpone their participation in our competitions, our competitions have been held since the beginning of this year and we have not given any notice or a time period for the girls to start their graduation

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