SAN FRANCISCO – The sport and media companies behind a bid to expand the number of women competing in the United States are working on a proposal that would also give women more voice in the sport’s development, while at the same time raising the profile of the sport as a whole.

In addition to increasing the number and diversity of women in sports, the proposal also would provide women with more opportunities to participate in the development of the sports they enjoy and contribute to their communities.

It would be a step toward an eventual full inclusion of women, said the proposed change in the US sport’s code of conduct.

“We want to change the perception of women’s participation in sports and we want to give them greater access to the sport,” said Kim Sato, head of corporate affairs for the Sports Alliance.

“When you look at women’s sport, the only women in the top 100 highest-level men’s and women’s teams are the top three in men’s tennis, and we’re not even talking about the women who play golf or baseball, women’s hockey.”

The proposed change, which would be in the code of the US Olympic Committee, would not require a vote in Congress.

Sato, a former president of the United Soccer Leagues, a sports and entertainment group, said women had an important role in sports because it was “where women were at a fundamental level in the American sporting experience.”

“When we’re playing, we’re at the core of the game,” she said.

“That’s the kind of sports where women are really central to it.”

It’s the sport where we’re really the main stakeholders and the people that make decisions and who have influence in the sports industry.

“The idea that you can have a sport where men are the dominant gender is something that women can relate to, but we don’t have the same access to it.”

Sports are a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. that accounts for about two-thirds of the total revenue of the National Hockey League.

The USOC, which is responsible for determining the Olympic participation of the women’s and men’s national teams, is seeking proposals for the next step of the Olympic movement.

The new proposal will be discussed at a meeting of the IOC’s committee for sport, held in September in Chicago.

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