The parents of a Florida church are hoping to get together for a group sports business meetup to help them raise money for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The church has struggled to find sponsors for its new church building, the new West Palm Center, due to the need for more space.

It has asked the state for $40 million to make sure it can build it and its facilities.

So far, the state has provided only $6 million for the church.

The group is asking the state to give it the money it needs to help it build and pay its employees.

The parents are hoping the new church meeting will raise money and support their effort.

The meeting is set for Friday at the West Palm Church in Palm Beach Gardens, but is still in the planning stages, according to the West Florissant Baptist Church.

It’s not just the church’s new building that needs help.

The church needs a new name, and its president has been working to make the name more palatable to local business owners.

The new church is in the middle of a renovation and the church is looking for a name to be associated with the new building, according a press release.

The West Florisant Baptist Association is helping with the project and the group hopes to have the new name and logo ready by the end of June.

It will be available on the church website and on its website, the release states.

“We are a group of Christians that come together to raise money to be able to do the right thing for the community,” the church says.

The group also hopes to meet with local businesses, including the local barbershop and a restaurant.

It will also be open to the public, according the release.

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