In this week’s Sports Interview meeting, the team at ESPN is on the brink of breaking its record for most total games played in one day with 6,722.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, there were even more surprises on the horizon.

Here’s a look at what you need to know about this week of meetings, including an interview with NFL Network Senior Vice President of NFL Programming Bill Barnwell.

[Related: What to expect from NFL Media and NFL Network in Week 7 of the 2016 season]A few things to know ahead of Week 7 The NFL is not scheduled to have a meeting with NFL Media this week.

The network has scheduled a meeting on Wednesday.

[More: Week 7 NFL games: NFL Network]ESPN has also not scheduled a news conference this week, so we don’t know exactly what topics are going to be on the table.

[What you need for Week 7: 10 NFL storylines to watch]While we’re not going to get a direct interview with Barnwell this week because he is not on the air, he will still be on-air on Thursday.

He will be joined by Mike Greenberg, Senior Vice Presidents of Football Operations and Strategy for ESPN, and Matt Miller, senior vice president of NFL Media.

There will also be an interview with the media at ESPN headquarters, but no broadcast team is scheduled.

A lot of things are on the line on Thursday, and this is not one of them.

There’s a lot of excitement in the air and the NFL is looking to do a great job of keeping the focus on the game and the players.

The schedule has been changed from a typical Wednesday-Thursday schedule to a Thursday-Friday schedule, and ESPN has announced a lot more on Thursday that it plans to show, including the NFL’s media conference.

It will also feature a special guest, who is expected to be a former NFL player who is going to give his take on how he feels about the NFL and what the players are doing to help the league become more relevant.

This is a chance for the NFL to really show its players that they are a part of the NFL, that the fans love them and the league is important to them.

It’s going to happen in front of their eyes, so they will be able to see the real picture, and it will be exciting.

The other big thing for the game is the new NFL video and audio commissioner, Michael Signora.

He has been on the job for six months, and he’s coming in with a great set of ideas, including some that were not on record before.

There is a lot to discuss about the league, and there is a real need for more action on all fronts to make the game better.

The league is also expected to address some of the issues that the players have been talking about for some time.

The league is looking at ways to create more uniformity, which will help players to feel more comfortable in the uniform.

It is also looking at how to encourage more players to stay at the same position longer, and more training will help them get into better shape.

There are some interesting things happening with player safety.

A lot of the changes were in the draft, and the teams are now really looking at the next steps, and what that means for them.

There is a big opportunity for the players this week to show what they’ve been up to and the progress they have made.

There might be some surprising surprises that we didn’t expect to see.

I think that the team will be very good at making a great impression on the fans and the fans will be really impressed.

I think that there will be a lot going on Thursday and there will not be a ton of stuff happening on Friday, but it will get pretty busy on Thursday with a lot happening on the field.

I don’t think the fans can get enough of the action on Thursday morning.

There may be some stuff that’s really unexpected.

I mean, what happens on Thursday night is all up in the wind.

It could be something unexpected that I don�t know.

The NFL has done a lot over the years to try to create a better relationship between the NFLPA and the game.

The last thing that we want is for that relationship to break down.

I know that the union wants to continue to work with the league to create the best possible situation for everyone.

I just want to see that we get back to where we were before the lockout ended.

The next time the league and the union have a discussion about players, we should see it in the same room.

It should be the same person who is on-screen talking.

It might be an ESPN analyst, a producer or someone that is not involved in the game at all.

There should be a person on the screen talking to the commissioner about how this game is played.

That is something we would like to see happen, because I

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