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How to handle the fallout of a sports meet

On the eve of the second official girls football team's graduation from high school, a sports committee meeting has begun in Jerusalem.The meeting is the first of many that will take place over the coming weeks to discuss the issue of female participation in sports.In recent years, women's participation in youth sports has grown rapidly, reaching an estimated 40% in

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Board of Directors

How to be the best girl-power athlete: Meet the best girls-power athletes of the year

By KEVIN RODRIGUEZAThe world is a better place because of the work and commitment of women.It is our collective responsibility to make the world a better, safer, fairer place.The best way to accomplish this is to make our daughters more confident in their own abilities.The world needs more women in power and control.That is why, at the beginning of this

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Girl-power Invitational-Inter School Old Girls’ Sports Meet-2015

Meet-ups are a great way to keep kids active, entertained and engaged, especially at a young age.With sports leagues, activities and more, meet-ups have been around for decades, and they're still around for kids of all ages.Meet-up-based programs like Girl-Power Invitational are an incredible way to connect with the community, especially those kids who are in trouble.Learn more about the

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