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A group of parents is planning to host a meetup sports business meeting in front of a church in West Palm Beach, Florida

The parents of a Florida church are hoping to get together for a group sports business meetup to help them raise money for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.The church has struggled to find sponsors for its new church building, the new West Palm Center, due to the need for more space.It has asked the state for $40

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Which sports cardiologist has the best advice for new patients?

Meetup Sports Cardiology is the leading provider of sports cardiology services in the UK and the first professional sports cardiologists to offer a comprehensive range of cardiological services.They have a wide range of sports medicine training and are committed to developing new services that can help patients get better faster.This article looks at some of the key areas covered in

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How to keep the sports meetings going with a banner

As the two most powerful sports bodies in the world work on a potential solution to the chronic shortage of referees, sports meet leaders are in a bind.What's the best way to keep meeting rooms full of delegates, even as the global sports industry faces its worst financial crisis since the financial crisis?The U.S. Olympic Committee has proposed changing the

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