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Former Eagles player gets honorary membership at winter sports meeting

A former Eagles player is getting a warm welcome at a winter sports event hosted by the Eagles.Jordan McDavid is getting an honorary membership to a Winter Sports Meet event at the Barclays Center on Saturday.The event, which will also feature the team's anthem, is part of a partnership between the Eagles and the American Football Coaches Association.It's part of

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Board of Directors

Soccer legend Frank Yallop has joined the NSW Blues as their director of football.News24 title Frank Yalli, football legend, joins NSW Blues board of directorsNews24

Frank Yalla, a long-time player for the NSW team, will be the Blues director of rugby league for the 2019 season.In a statement, the NSW Rugby League said Mr Yalla would be joining the NSW board of management as its Director of Football."Frank's appointment as the Blues Director of Rugby League will allow him to lead the club's executive team,

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News and events

How to get the best sports captain meeting

Sports captain meetings are where sports stars can meet to share advice, discuss life and business, and meet people who have the same passion for sports as they do.Here's how to get a great one.1.Find a Sports Manager sports manager Meetings are for sports managers to work out new ways of doing things and to help new people become more

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Girl-power Invitational-Inter School Old Girls’ Sports Meet-2015

Meet-ups are a great way to keep kids active, entertained and engaged, especially at a young age.With sports leagues, activities and more, meet-ups have been around for decades, and they're still around for kids of all ages.Meet-up-based programs like Girl-Power Invitational are an incredible way to connect with the community, especially those kids who are in trouble.Learn more about the

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