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Why do some people love track and field?

By James B. WilliamsIt's no secret that the track and fields world has changed since the mid-1990s, when the sport was still just a handful of elite athletes competing on a handful to hundreds of fields and fields around the world.In 2017, the sport will once again have a big role to play in shaping the world of the next

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How to join the Asia Sport Meeting app for athletes from around the world – and learn more

With its wide-ranging app for smartphones, apps and tablets, the Asia Sports Meeting app has been used to track events from the world of sport in more than 60 countries across Asia and the world.Award-winning sportswriter and presenter John Doyle described it as "one of the best sports apps for the mobile".It's not just sports.It's about the whole thing.It's a

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NFL players protest during anthem

A group of players from around the NFL have come together to protest the national anthem in a show of solidarity with players and the black community.The players will kneel for the anthem at the end of each NFL game Sunday in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.A message posted on Twitter said the players are standing for the first time as

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